Travel Can Wait – I Need to Rest!!!

2017 has been such an exciting year so far. I can’t believe it’s May already! For me, a whole plethora of things have occurred – not all of them great.

  • My claim for financial aid was rejected – cheers government – so I’ve been attempting to work full time again.
  • My army of medical professionals concluded there is no quick fix to all my ailments.
  • I decided it was time to start getting serious with this blog.
  • I set myself a goal of doing one trip a month in an attempt to capitalize on those yummy travel endorphins that we all know and love.

However, as I should have probably learnt by now, a strong will is no match for numerous health problems, and life rarely goes as planned.

If you exist in the same bit of internet land that I do, you probably heard about my recent trip to Albania. It was AMAZING. Unfortunately, on the train back from the airport, things pretty quickly became a whole lot less amazing.

If you haven’t heard me rant about my bladder spasms then, come on, where have you been? But if you need a quick recap, it goes like this: severe bladder pain and urge to go to the toilet; inability to pee; hours and hours of rising pain levels; consideration of suicide; eventually successfully pee and move on with my life.

So when I had a bladder spasm on the journey home, it wasn’t the biggest deal ever. I simply hopped off the train in Swindon, caused a minor scene with my hysterical screaming and crying in the train station, eventually managed to pass water and jumped on the next train to Bath.

However – that was not the end of the story.

As soon as I got back home I had another one. And another one. And another one. Eventually it got to the point where every time I tried to pee, I would go into urinary retention. I’m planning to do a detailed recount of the horrors on my Odyssey account, but I’ll cut a long story short:

seven days later, a few horrific hospital experiences, and not a lot had changed. I was dosed up to my eyeballs on pain meds and pretty much ready to throw in the towel. So, a decision had to be made!!

I hate to say it, but it’s time for some serious rest and recuperation. Which means, very sadly, a hiatus from travel and blogging life.

For the first time in six years, I have no trips planned and no travel to be excited about. 😭😭😭

However – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stick around. I’ve got so many exciting things in the pipeline that you really won’t want to miss – including:

  • A review of the wonderful Szen Zone – a positivity project, of which we all could use a dose
  • My Liebster Award Nomination post, where you’ll get to learn more fun Sarah facts
  • Tons of great destination posts, with tips, tricks and funny travel stories.
  • Some more unique insights to travel with a chronic illness
  • Loads of practical advice for those whose wings aren’t ready to be clipped!
  • Travel Vlogs for Singapore, Seville, Faro, Iceland, Prague & Albania (plus some secret extras)

and last but not least….hopefully an inspiring saga about how I bounced back from this particularly rough patch to take on the world again 😀

So please keep sharing, reading and commenting – and if you’re feeling super generous, you can even donate to the cause below. Unfortunately, blogging cost dat money money, and at the moment, that is something that I’m scarily lacking.

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11 thoughts on “Travel Can Wait – I Need to Rest!!!

  1. I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through, but a break from travel to focus on your health is a good thing! If you need to take a break from blogging then do so, but I am sure you have plenty of stories to tell from past travels; go through your old photos and let them help you remember your adventures. I know bloggers who have taken weekend breaks and blogged about that, I have in fact done that myself! When you are ready to return, your loyal audience and blogging community will be ready to support you! Look after yourself and don’t be a stranger, drop by our #FeetDoTravel community and share past stories and photos! X


  2. Sounds like you have been going through an awful time Sarah – take your time to rest and recouperate and we will all still be here ready for when you return. Get well soon xx


  3. Hope you are beginning to feel better, it must be very difficult. Hope you are able to travel again soon and share your stories with us. Take care. #feetdotravel


  4. How awful. So sorry you had to go through that ordeal, but glad you made the decision to take care of yourself. Get well soon!


  5. Wow. That sounds like such an awful thing to have to live with but I love that you’re keeping positive and looking to the future. Remember that you have your whole life ahead of you to travel and the hiatus you have now will feel like such a short time when you look back on it. I hope you get well soon! X


  6. We’re not going anywhere ❤ I hope things start lookin up. I have seen your posts about your bladder spasms. 😦 I've nominated you for the blogger recognition award 2017! It just means I think you're awesome and I appreciate you. I'm so glad your hard work has already been recognized though! Congrats on the Leibster award and the versatile blogger award nomination. You deserve it ❤ Much love, August


  7. Bladder spasms sound like a never-ending UTI…I’m really sorry. I hope you start feeling better. I’ll be sure to stick around. Although I don’t travel much, I like reading your posts. It gives me the illusion that I have traveled if that makes sense. It even helps with my depression.


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