A Quick Guide To My Month Of Healing – and why you need one too!

Cover photo by the incredibly talented Callum Bailey of Photon Collections.

If you’re a regular follower then firstly – Thanks! Secondly, you’ve probably heard me going on and on about my “Month Of Healing.”

In short, the month is a perfectly designed treatment course that I have concocted from the zenith of all the medical, holistic and general common-sense information, which I’ve discovered throughout my many years of being ill.

It wasn’t until I was speaking to some close friends, who thought I was simply taking a month of work, that I realised I needed to share the details with the world.

If you’re interested in having your own Month of Healing, or simply want to have a nosy at what I’m doing, then click here to read the full plan!

Happy healing 💙

2 thoughts on “A Quick Guide To My Month Of Healing – and why you need one too!

  1. I can’t remember where you mentioned it, but I remember you also saying something about cutting down on social media. I’m giving this an attempt, too. I’ve taken my Facebook and Twitter apps off my phone, just so I can see how I get on without them here. It makes me think of a point from this blog on visiting social media, but not living there:


    All the best with the rest of the month =)

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